Dare to SHOW Up…..

dare to show up

It’s been few years since Art  had became my best buddy….

There are moments in life when paints, papers, pastels, canvases, brushes, my fingers lead me through the unknown and reveal my true self to me.They are my authentic critics who tell the brutal truth….like few of my friends.They make me think deep….plunge into the depths of my being.

This time they asked me to show up my true Self….

Do you know how did they beautifully reveal the message to me?

I sat down with my buddies excited to see what unravels before my eyes…

I squeezed in yellow red blue green on the canvas….before  my mind game  me instructions, my fingers jumped in and started playing with the colours. All I saw was a multi colored canvas….It was very pleasant…soothing to the eyes.I loved the strokes…My eyes peered the layers and layers of beautiful bright colours. They wanted to see the innocent luminous white that lay dormant under the multi colored masked surface.The surface was beautiful….but lacked it’s original sheen and brightness…

I did not linger there for long….I rushed into the kitchen and fetched the knife and spoon….and I ruthlessly started to scratch out  the multi layered colourslayered of paints and made a floral pattern…It made me cringe from with in…felt deep pain and sensed fierce cuts but my hands never listened…just like me…till the time I completed the one you see .It didn’t look beautiful. ..but it was bold and pretty ….the pain, the scars …..Healed my HeART.

I was wondering at my next command.I took the brush and begin to paint….”Dare to show up…your true SELF…the message got inscribed into my being….No excuses….do you let your art talk to you???????

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